Passion and Professionalism

since 1996, aptiva medical s.r.l. has been importing and distributing medical devices to Public and Private Hospitals in the Italian National Health Service. Over time, it has gained increasing recognition from Clients and Manufacturing Companies.
Over the years, aptiva medical s.r.l. has worked in various fields of medicine, establishing itself in the specialties of Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Endo Vascular, Anaesthesia, Radiology and Cardiology. Currently, aptiva medical s.r.l., represents the Italian benchmark for the distribution of innovative technologies, contributing to the quality of highly complex procedures and therapies. Our technical, clinical, sales and marketing teams are committed to providing a qualified, skilled and results-oriented service.
The excellent reputation of aptiva medical s.r.l., which has always been known for its dedication, dynamism, morality, ethics and honesty, is reinforced by its conduct on a daily basis. aptiva medical s.r.l. strives to maintain ongoing, open communication during every business project, based on integrity and ethics, in order to encourage conduct based on respect for policies and laws.
Due to the reliability of our Clients and Partner Companies and our teamwork, aptiva medical s.r.l. can offer and support ambitious projects in the awareness that “the disease is faced using suitable treatment and tools, but we win because of faith, integrity, and commitment, or because of the passion and professionalism of men".

Mission and Code of Conduct

The mission of aptiva medical s.r.l. is to contribute to human well-being through the distribution and marketing of instruments or devices that relieve pain, restore health and prolong life, while complying with the following overarching principles:
To direct business growth towards areas where our strength and capacity are best demonstrated. To build an organisation of people and instruments that tends to develop those areas where aptiva medical s.r.l. can best demonstrate its skills.
To enhance these skills through training and cultural assimilation.
To avoid participation in areas where we cannot make a recognisable, unique valid contribution.
To engage unreservedly in achieving the highest reliability and quality in the provision of our services, with the aim of becoming a benchmark of professional competence and value, and be recognised as a devout, honest, company with integrity.
To earn a reasonable profit from current activities, in order to meet our commitments, sustain our growth and achieve our planned objectives.
To recognise the value of each employee by providing a safe working environment that enables personal satisfaction in the work accomplished, with opportunities for advancement and the chance to share in company success. The company works in perfect harmony with the law.
To achieve its mission, aptiva medical s.r.l. has endeavoured to establish a Code of Conduct aimed at providing guidelines for adopting appropriate behaviours and procedures based on compliance with laws and ethics, such that its business mission is fulfilled in a transparent, harmonious and successful working environment.


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